May 13, 2007

Answer to a blog comment question

In my rush, I forgot to consider the geographic differences of foods when I mention certain things. Mentioning Naan and Curry to some of my Pennsylvania friends struck curious looks and comments. As well as them mentioning Utz potato chips, I couldn't help but tilt my head like a curious puppy. So my one regular reader the insatiable newnorth has wondered what Granny Goose Potato chips are. Well, the company was started right in my backyard, Oakland, California in 1946. Today, I believe they're owned by frito lay. But I dont think so. To be honest, I dont see granny goose around too much. And now i'm beginning to question the freshness of that last bag of chips.


newnorth said...

Wow, I got a whole post as an answer :D

I feel special!

Mel said...

HEY! I'm a regular reader, I just don't comment that much. Same goes for Stephanie, though I doubt she's ever commented.

Czachi said...

I was joking. Notice the headline, Over three minds served