May 14, 2007

Do I?

When I post, I look foward to it. I dont know why. Its that sort of gratification where someone has read your personal thoughts and ideas. I cant help it. I need that thrill. The rush of myspace and facebook are less than ever. Now, I long for it here on blogspot. It kills me to open up to an empty email inbox to find out. It does. I long for comments. I'm a comment whore. Espically for newnorth since I have no idea who she is. It's cool to see how someone comments on daily life, how you react and respond.


What's the difference between the fingers and the thumb?


Melbert said...

-comment- -comment- -comment- I believe it is the number of joints? Eh? Well. You also don't really know who I am, either. The person you see at school is a different person from, well, me. The other me is school me.

newnorth said...

Oh, you'll get tired of my comments :)

They always tell us that our thumb is what seperates us from all the other without it we would have no language, thought etc. the fingers aren't really all that important :P ( I know that's stupid but ima post it anyway)