July 23, 2007

Hat Feather

I'm an avid wearer of hats. I have a fairly large collection for a kid my age. Thug kids with a billion of those New era hats can forget about it for a moment. I dont bother with trivial stuff. Its like the same hat but in different color.

But I. My collection is a work of art. Of which, baseball caps are a minority. That's right. I dont wear that. But today, I bought a fedora, up at my usual shop in Berkeley when I decided to get a hat feather and I picked one out. I assumed it cost a dollar or so, so yeah. No biggie. But now, I have a mondo cool fedora, a straw panama, some other hats, and my *cough* baseball caps.

Driving home today, I guess the feather either fell out, or flew out the window. I noticed it was gone after I dropped a friend off. How annoying. Something you travelled 15 miles to get, now its gone missing. Greeeat. At least I have school there.

1 comment:

newnorth said...

oh that sucks. Just imagine it flying around like the one in Forest Gump ;)

My hat collection sucks. I just have one :(