July 12, 2007

I beat the neighbor's Dog!

That sentence could be taken several ways. I could have hit it, or I could have beat it in competition. In this case, its the latter. Whilst cleaning my room today, the neighbor's little pug was let out. It just started barking and yapping. It stopped for awhile but obviously, I had to provoke something :D of course. I moved over towards my bed by the windows and proceeded to start dusting things. I keep little models and stuff on there. But it was when I was dusting the picture of Dag Hammerskjold did I really want to tempt the silly. I barked at it. Really. I did. Then it started yipping again and then, the neighbor lady opened the door and yelled at it. "Get back in here. Honestly, you make too much noise."

That is my story of triumph for today

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