July 11, 2007

Being Sanitary is being Wasteful

I really wanted to write this. No reason, no restrictions, just a writing on the follies of being sanitary.

We live in the "digital" age. A time where virtually all young americans are plugged into some sort of electronic device. Long have we walked away from things we used to plug into walls like toasters and televisions and did we really start sticking stuff into our ears. But come the digital age, information travels faster than a mail box with a jet engine. And we are informed. We're linked to colleges and libraries and digital references like wiki. At this point, mankind has known more than he has to in three lifetimes. Some of us watch others via the magic of internet video clips and such. And now, we're possibly some of the most informed beings ever. But with great knowledge comes great challenges.

I suppose up until now, people were familiar with common household agents such as ajax and bleach. That might have been it apart from windex and 409. Today's household cleaners include ones that are non toxic and stripping kinds and ones that kills 99.99 percent of germs. Or those wipe things that'll kill everything and eliminate the sponge altogether. But all this stuff on the common market, does it really help? In some ways, yes. In others, no.

In good ways, it kills and disinfect things we use. Knife cleaners, kitchen counter cleaners, wood top cleaners, stove cleaners. But all this specialized competition has really eliminated the all purpose cleaner. For obvious reasons such as quality and price, competition exists in the specialization of products and goods. But you generate more waste. Thats the thing. One square of paper towel for a stove cleaner, then another square to clean the counters. Waste just piles up.

I remember in the good old days. Grandma's house used to have one thing for cleaning. Dish soap. She managed to make that work everywhere. Dish soap to mop the floor, dish soap for dishes, countertops, stoves etc. Also, she used a sponge and maybe a rag. Those would've lasted a while. But bring in the product factor and specialization, more and more waste exists.

Similarly, at my cousin's house, they use alot of stuff to clean. As do I at my house. We have a thing to clean floors, and to wash carpets and counter top cleaner and this and that. Compared to grandma's garbage can, ours is packed sometimes. Of course, she lives alone now but that's not in this case.

So next time you spend 7.50 on a can of moisty naps, think about how much you could save by just taking a sandwich bag and some wet paper towels. Heh. Ghetto.

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