July 13, 2007

Give us the right to speak! As long as its only us!

You think we've come so far in so few years do you? Well, in some ways, we have. But in very touchy situations, we're dumber than the cavemen themselves. No offense to you cavemen out there on computers. But recently, the US Senate...

well. I wont quite tell you yet, but i'll give a bit of info first. So in the Senate chambers, usually things start off with a prayer or something like that. Its usually done by the Christian Chaplin of Congress but on several occasions, it will go out to different creeds to start off. But in this unfortunate circumstance, a guest Hindu priest came in to say opening prayers before the senate when all of a sudden, he was shouted down by several witnesses.

Three were arrested. The first one had said: "Lord Jesus, Forgive us father, for allowing a prayer which is an abomination in your sight." "You are the one, true living God"

Thanfully, they were arrested. Christian nuts apparently. You see these people in protest videos. They call themselves the tolerant ones and accuse the police who grab them as the idiots and the unknowing. But really, we can see whats going on. I might have mentioned this earlier but alot of groups have campaigned for their voices. Especially the democratic party you know. I mentioned the BART ad for pro life in an earlier post. I would find it, but I cant. Hah. But the idea is you fight for your own voice, but you make sure no one else can speak their voice. I highly doubt you'll find blacks and KKK members protesting against a hindu prayer together. Our mind set. Is to satisfy ourselves and some of us have decided to take it into our own hands to pound the right ideas in their opinion, into our heads. I'm all for a Hindu, catholic, jewish, muslim, satanic opening prayer at Congress, but when one voice claws for more and thinks they're the best and only way. I cant tolerate that.

I can just imagine these three people. A middle aged man with big glasses, hands folded together, eyes closed and just shouting out those words in the senate chambers. "ABOMINATION!" I dont get how people were ever taught this way. To defend your ideals, but make sure that no one else can speak and that they learn that that is the way and the only way.

video of the incident: http://www.breitbart.tv/html/2957.html
article: http://www.breitbart.com/article.php?id=070712205448.8n6ee52e&show_article=1&image=large


somebody BLONDE! said...

They don't think of them as ideals, they think of them as truth. The feel that Hindus praying to their "heathen" gods is a travesty to God, because He did kinda say that people can't have any other gods. I'm not saying it's right, I'm saying that it makes sense if you think of it the way they do.

Melbert said...

holy shit