July 22, 2007


You know how people quote each other and famous people. It got me thinking. Will people ever quote me?

I know for a fact that my friend Erik has quoted my famous bubble gum quote. But that's the tip of the iceberg. I want people to quote me for years to come.

On bubble gum:

Man has suffered in-numerously, he has battled against diseases, eradicated some, taken on the fiercest animals of dark Africa. We have conquered space and the deepest reaches of the earth and yet, the one thing mankind cannot fight against is the indefatigable, little piece of gum on the bottom of our shoes.

On maturity

The day i'm letting any of you tell me to set an example for little children is the day people stop calling me the "future" of america.

On Bush

He has captured the hearts of americans, broke them, sent some to their deaths, taken our jobs and yet some how, he's still here.

On Cellphones and technology

The cellphone no more has linked together mankind than has it locked themselves against each other. We call ourselves open. We can communicate wherever we want, whenever we want. But only with whoever we want. In this age of communication and technology, we have surrounded ourselves in our fortifications of cables and motherboards and refused to see the light of day. No longer is an interaction between people a meeting, but a mere text message or an instant message.

On myspace

It says very distinctively up there. A place for friends. Now don't get me wrong, its users aparently those who wish to keep personal identity as private information. Refuse to make friends with people who randomly show up. Oh what a total crock. The purpose defeated within a few years.

On stanfurd

You suck

On "that" situation

You know, when I dont need it, I always find an abundance of them. Now the moment is prime, the project is ready to go. And not a single one of the things I need is nowhere to be found

On inspration

Can a quote really inspire someone that much? Or are quotes the spawn of other quotes?

On packaging and cleanliness

Mankind has curbed diseases. But also has ushered in the era of waste. We waste innumerous amounts of plastics on individual cook wrappers and such. Does it really have to be necessary to use a new paper towel or swiffer cloth for every time you make a mess on the counter. Surely the fact that your countertop is cleaner than a hospital doesn't mean that it produces as much waste as one. There must be a better solution

On thermoses

What's that? Hm? Some sort of space age vacuum sealed food container no doubt eh?! Is it?! Oh it is.

On Vonnegut

Sure i'll take a flying fuck at the moon!

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newnorth said...

awesome...now you have made it easier to quote you :p