November 23, 2006

What I'm thankful for

Hm... Its that time of year again. To think of what I am thankful for...

Oh! Awesome Free Giant desk and Vernier thingy!

Electric Guitars!

This Handy Box for storing all my day to day junk in

Cheap football jersey!

Pulleys. Without them, I'd be using the freaking stairs.

Cotton Balls. I dont know why, but I just am.

Indoor Plumbing. Who in their right mind isint?

Shaver-majigs. Without these, i'd be pretty much at the exact same spot

Towels! I use like 3 every day

My pianos. Without these, i'd probably would have been more academically focused.

And my Compy! Without you man, i'd be incomplete. Like Sonny Coreleone without the bullets.

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