November 30, 2006

Open Letters:

Dear Bus Riders

I find it annoying that you somehow, as one person, manage to take up four whole seats. And not share either

You are mean.


Dear timid Bus Riders

You are a bunch of wusses for not taking over those four seats that one kid is taking up.

Go home and face the mirror and slap yourself


Dear Ms. second grade teacher

Thank you for teaching me Cursive

I never use it


Dear School repairmen

Hurry up


Dear person in hallway

Thank you for walking like your feet are made of lead and that you have to stop right in the middle of the hall to talk with a friend of yours.

Oh and thank you for your lack of academic passion hamper mine


Dear piedgon people

Thanks for sitting at the base of the staircase causing people to pass through a narrow 9" gap between your massive asses.

You are fire hazards


Dear blood lady

Thanks for sticking that needle in my arm

My arm is blue now


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