November 08, 2006

Goodnight world

I sit here at my station. Sitting, writing, composing my thoughts into electrical impulses. And those into gestures and the gestures into physical work and interactions, etc. etc. etc.

I'm finding that the world was never really the happy, go lucky, cotton candy and laffy taffy world I always believed it to be. People who I always thought were awesome in nature, are nothing more than mere false gods, stripped of their marble and roman numerals. These are real, ordinary... did I mention real? Real people. I never got to know the person who really exists in a person.

Am I that shallow? To sit here and live life as I've seen it though the rose colored glasses? To dance about the maypole everyday, celebrating the status quo. Never questioning, never asking, never knowing.

So, i'm going to mull and let it stew. Goodnight world, we shall meet again.

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