November 30, 2006

Peeps i'm thankful for (late... very late)

Hey there super readers! Zach here with the second compiliation of thankfuls

Well, I thought. And thought.

And finally came up with a list of people

First, there's my cousin claudia. Sorry but I didnt have a real photo at the time.

Then there's Joris. Saved the band's ass he did. Awesome accent too.

Well now... Miss Peliala Collins always kept me company in Mr. Gross's Class

The one woman who set me straight in terms of getting the job done

If there's any I should be truly thankful for, its this guy. He completley changed me as a person. The old me used to be hecka shy and timid. He changed me into what I am today

You probably cant tell, but theres a bunch of people in this one. Lets see, we got both Dans (back row, 2nd and 3rd from right. Eunnah, Gina, Phebe, Allison, et al

This man is my senpai. Show him a bit of respect, and he'll throw sugar at you

This is Lisa. Awesome guitar player, and strange at times.

This my friends is Sally Brownson. She is an amazing person. Kinda like me in some senses. Not sure if her mind is filled with trivial knowledge though...

Le Skankique, Marc. Hi Fyve!

My other first clarinet. Theresa!

Hooday Crooczes! Haha, just Judy. Danny nursed her back to health.

Stephanie (right). She's a totally awesome person. Without her, I'd probably still would have been stuck in Hardin's class. Doing Stoichemetry. Bleeagh...

Hah, Ashton and Courtney. They're good friends

Steven. Ah Steven. Lemme copy off your paper

Ex wife: Saddaf. Fun times never ended with her

Aw... John and Kelly. They're so cute together. They always brighten my day

Yah, brief overview of the people

Arturo Hector Blazquez. My friend since Kindergarten. He's always been there. Well, not really but who cares? Now, he's all cool with his judo.

Keely, I dont know why, but she just is. (ref: cottonballs)

So there you have it. People i'm thankful for.

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