November 10, 2006

Post: I

In the beginning, there was nothing

Once it became now, there was too much crap to deal with

Ah our world, a fetid growth of mold and humans.

The industry of domination is big round these parts. Or so it seems

Nothing is ever the same as it was before.

That used to be a house,

Now its a starbucks.

Goodjob industry. You've displaced a family for a small shop

Over there, used to be Dr. Hornby's mansion. Now its an apartment

Good job 1960! You've torn down historically significant houses of Alameda

And in its place, put the soul devoid and butt ugly apartments of disgust

How is doing that... Ever a good idea?

Why dont we tear down your fucking mansion and stick a starbucks or a walmart there!


So citizens. Support local businesses and history. Dont let industry get the best of you.

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