November 05, 2006


She called today. I was working at my desk when it happened. It started out as a text, then a call then a conversation was born. We talked a little, how people suck and our views of immigrants (illegal) are alike. Then, the ladythings happened. I sat there. Waiting for a response. I sat there. Listening to nothing. I sat there. Listening to several girls chatting. She came back. We closed it off and went our seperate ways. Her, a nap for the day. Me, more computer things.

I began to grow tired of browsing the internet, yet the only other possibility of work was to do homework. I put it aside and continued to browse blindly. Checking all my old sites, nothing new. A heavy sigh. The bears game is on. Awesome, Cal in the lead.

Dinner, a clash of spicy, salty and soupy.

A return home. Bears won. Hands down. Quiet rest of day I spent. There was a Steve McQueen movie on so I watched that. Not bad. Pretty cool.

My thoughts dwell on her at all times. I couldnt put her out of my mind. She's still there as I write.

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