May 21, 2009

Wild Yonder Calls Me Canada

I never imagined the day when I finished my last final, got my papers turned in, etc, etc, etc. But what is coming up became so readily, and frightfully apparent, I almost flinched. If I can get this trip in with my high school buddies, it'll definitely get my mind off her. Nothing spells reprieve than Canada. Legally, I'm not one, but by heart, I feel like one. Not one of those standard issue stereotypes that everyone associates with the country, but like the Californian Canadian. British Columbian to be exact.

I really should see what the rest of Canada is like. But then again, I dont know what the rest of America is like at times. Sure, I have been to places like Minnesota, New York, Chicago, Orlando. But I never saw the nitty gritty of it. Like how things work in the Nation's capital, or the refugees pulling onto the sand in Miami for the first time. But in a sense, I'm kinda trying to escape that nitty gritty. What ground me, and wore me down the most in this past relationship was the crying, the obsessing, the lonelyness and the downward spiral into my own personal dementia. But that's going to change now. I just gotta get on my feet.

I miss Vancouver, and I miss Victoria. I really would like to see my Grand-Aunt one last time before she Passes. Same with Grand Uncle Leo in Los Angeles, but I dont know him too well. I remember pouring tea into his Son's pocket at my cousin's wedding once. We were fooling that he'd steal a teapot. I didn't realize it was still full of cold tea. But why Victoria? Why Vancouver you ask? A question I still ask myself. Its still close to the Pacific ocean, so the temperatures dont get to crazy. Last time I was there, I was walking around in a tshirt and shorts. I didn't expect it to be so nice. I'd just would like to get out of the Bay for a week, then i'd be golden.

Just once, before I graduate, I'd love to get that college road trip in. I had talked about it with Jeff Stallman once, but that kinda faded off when he went to the my second choice of school. But I was talking with some of my younger friends, and they seemed really into the idea of going to Canada for the heck of it. Maybe what i'm looking for sits around what you'd expect from movies like Harold and Kumar go to white castle, Road trip, Animal House. All that good stuff. But I guess to say in the least, we just want to have fun in another country, not ours.

Here's to goals, and here's to dreams.

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algunarubia said...

That actually sounds fabulous Zach. Good luck on that!