May 22, 2009

Say it so, A Man Needs a Woman

Do you ever remember what life was like before you met her? I tried to remember, but it's starting to grow dim. These days, all I ever think about is her, and moving out, and my new fraternity, etc. etc. But just a couple days ago, I started to think about what was my life like before I met her? Before I became a sensual romantic. I certainly wasn't walking around in a flannel shirt chopping trees down and sticking my face on paper towels, but I was doing things that guys probably would do. I mean, yeah, I loved being there for someone, I loved the idea of waking up next to a great gal, and of course there are certain things a girl does for you that you yourself cannot do. Like cuddle.

No, but I thrust as far back as I could muster and tried to relive that past for the past week. Working around finals of course. Monday night, I had a final the next evening so I decided to fool around. I was pretty confident in the class and when the final did come around, there was one question I couldn't answer, but not without some form of logical explanation. I went out for a bike ride, going up hills, down streets, stopping every so often to browse shops and gaze into windows. I stopped into an antique shop, browsed around and had a chat with the owner. Small world, the boss is a friend of the grandmother of a friend of my own.

I finished that ride with a close. What I call a Leighna Lap. One of my first friends at University is for her namesake, Leighna. This past semester, she showed me how to use the Ohlone trail and the bay trail. Much easier than city riding for sure, but I still like the streets every so often. A Leighna Lap consists of using the Ohlone trail and doubling back from point Richmond, following the exact same way you came down. Mixing it with my own laps and jargon, the path I followed earlier is a transbay lap, then splicing it with a Leighna Lap. I frequently just go into places I probably shouldn't at night on my bicycle. I'm sick sometimes of the eggshell white-yellow walls of the apartment, I just want to get the hell out sometimes.

So far, my Laps include the Leighna, the Transbay, the Temascal, the Solano, the Bay Lap, and the Bay Farm lap. That last one is a particular favorite, I've been riding it since I was oh well, about 12. That's when my dad first thought I would be able to manage it. When I go home in the evenings with my bicycle, I usually like to take my bike out for a ride. That's what i've been doing too. I've been trying my hand at bike repair and it's turning out beneficial. My Raleigh touring bicycle is set up so that I could just sit for hours. Then again, if you gotta go, I wouldn't suggest using the long nose, or the short nose brooks saddle.

I've been getting into bicycles lately. I'm getting another bike soon, provided that Rico calls me to help me get the darn thing setup. I traded in an old banjo for a bike. I feel music falling away from my life. Recently, I haven't looked at my music collection, played an instrument in months and I gave away, well traded, the last tie I have left here. Apart from my clarinets. I mean, before, I could tweak and setup a guitar so well, you'd have thought you were playing amongst the cloud. I wont even let myself touch one anymore unless someone's looked over it first. But i'm just as clumsy with bicycles as I am with instruments. The other day, I pulled out the locking pin to hold the stem to the fork, but I couldn't fit it back in. I panicked. Obviously. I fixed it a couple hours later.

I'm thinking of going Fixie. I've been a strong proponent against them for the longest time, but I felt change was necessary. Sheldon Brown's website turned me over. Dont blame me.

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