May 03, 2009

I dreamt of her

Last night, or this early morning, I made a pretty sleepy, dreamy post that was short and for some reason, fairly cryptic when I go back to read it. But I think I can explain. Last night, I was contemplating why I wanted to go back into a relationship with Bri. The more I thought about it, the more I tried to reason why I wanted to recess back to before my birthday. I guess the reasons are companionship, love, a feeling of security, and the hugs. I've been pretty horny the past 9 weeks since I broke up with her, but that's only passing. I've lived 19 years unsexed, now that i'm twenty, I need it for some reason.

But I dreamed last night, lying restless in bed at 5am. I dreamed I was lying next to her, we're both under the covers, and she's sad. I wrap my arms around her, and she starts to smile, and giggle and be happy. She hasn't been happy around me since my birthday. Its hard to since I keep bringing up the same topic over and over again. I shouldn't, I know. But it was so weird, this dream, we weren't even doing anything, but just being silly, happy and giggling. I woke up, alone in bed except for my moosie flip flop.

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