May 02, 2009

The Mutt

You picked him out, or more like he picked you. You were at the puppy counter when you couldn't decide which one to get. All of them seemed so cute and fuzzy but this one, he looked at you. Right into your eyes while all the other ones didn't pay attention. You looked at him, slightly embarrassed to be gazing at puppies longingly but he still tries to grab your attention. You take him out to the play pen, he pulls you down on top of you and licks your face and you dont know how to respond.

Hesitantly, you buy him. You and him, you go through training and all sorts of things, there are certainly habits he has that you dont want him to continue. So you teach him new tricks and he does them. He loves you, he still is fascinated by you and you love him. You think. Then you think about a cat. You throw him out. He paws at the door, he whimpers, he cries, he howls. You sit alone in your place, you read a book, but he sits there at the window, watching with big puppy dog eyes but you close the curtains, he still tries. He makes effort to get back into your life. He misses the feeling of love. You dont know if you can handle the responsibility.

You brought him up, but you've left him, still growing.

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