May 16, 2009


I sat quietly, listening to the voices outside the window. They were a modge-podge of boys and girls voices, all clambering over each other, trying to gain a dominance of some sort. Some were yelling, others were just drunken slur, and others were giggles, floating over the fields of dead grass, strewn with empty natty cans. But somehow, they always seem to find their way right into my window. I sat, still, listening intently, like I was spying on someone's life, listening to every single intent and personal remark.

I closed the windows, leaving the world to itself, and sat back at the desk, facing the wall. I stared at the tan colored typewriter, scowling at me with its alfalfa-like paper back sticking out and mocking me. I grabbed a sheet of paper, stuck it in, and began to write. It didn't matter what, I just wrote. I now created my own world, away from the world.

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