January 13, 2007

Zach's top 10 favorite Movie Opening/Theme musics!

Number 10: Opening overture to "Battle of Britain"

In my honest opinion, I really like this song even though it's just a movie march. As Will Ferrell once put it:

"Russian Folk songs and French Ooh-la-las! cant compare to the German Oomph Pah Pah!"

And that's really the best way to put it.

Number 9: Theme "The Great Escape"

This is a easily recogonized piece of music. G, c, G, e, d, c, A. Everyone knows the tune as Steve McQueen walks into his nazi holding cell for his bad conduct. Heh, heh, good ol' trouble makers.

Number 8: Theme from "The Pink Panther"

Ooh, sexy. There's not much to say about this piece except it's world wide recgonition and acclaim. You cant help but be sneaky when it starts to play on your MP3 player. Causing everyone about you to wonder what the hell you are doing.

Number 7: Theme from "The Godfather"

Ah, a timeless classic. The one song if ever played, will strike the hard chiseled features of Marlon Brando's face into your mind and cause everything else to just leave. Strikes fear into every non-coreleone member of the family. *rat-tat-tat*

Number 6: The opening song from Disney's "The Adventures of Robin Hood"

Man, No one can forget that singing rooster.

Number 5: Opening credits music from "Games Gamblers Play"

Very few people who are white will know of this movie. So understand, it's sung entirely in chinese and alongside flashing lights and animated chickens, the theme song is really cool. Also, it's written by the actor: Sam Hui

Number 4: Theme from: Aces go Places 1 thru 5

Again, see above

Number 3: Opening music from Disney's "The Aristocats"

Hehe, Love it.

"Oh zer is nuthing like zeh Areeisto-cats"

Number 2: Casablanca's "As time goes by"

Instantly recogenized as the song that we all want sam to play it again. Also, for you BBC buffs, the theme from the TV show... "As Time goes by". Haha!

so, here's that I say: "Play it again Sam"

and last, and definetly not least

Number 1:

*Commercial Break*

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So At number one:

Bridge Over River Kwai: Colonel Bogey's March

One of my all time favorite movies, the Bogey march was written back during the great war by the man behind the pseudonym Kenneth J. Alford who would later write several more influential marches.

So everyone, that's my top 10 and I advise you all to maybe write down your top 10 or so and see how others feel.

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