January 31, 2007

My cynacism at new levels

So in bridge, we have an officer, who shall remain nameless, who is incompetent sometimes...

So I drafted the Articles of Impeachment up!

here she is in all her restitutional glory:

Amendment Prop __

Brought before the Officers of the Society of Bridge Builders, an Amendment proposition drafted by Club secretary Zachary Wong on this Date of January 24, 2007.

Presented on:___________________

In debate on:___________________

Approved on: ___________________


Zachary Wong - Secretary

An amendment proposition

Section 1: To provide an amendment on impeachment of officers incapable or inactive in duty.

Section 2: The club finds and declares that in real life, if an officer is found incapable of performing one’s duties, that it is in the best interest of the club to have the officer removed from his post and be bumped back down to a standing club member. It is known and recognized that an effective officer is one who is active, and regularly participates and pulls his or her own weight.

Section 3: Be it enacted by the Society that this will be entitled as the “Impeachment Amendment”

--Section two--

Articles of Impeachment

Title I. Reasonable Cause

A. Should it be found that an officer is shirking in his or her duties, it should be brought to the attention of either the President or Vice President.

B. Reasonable cause is recognized as a loose term and has no solid definition. If any member suspects an officer of acting in lax in his or her duties and it is brought to the attention of an officer, a special investigational committee of no more than two persons shall be formed to investigate the officer in question.

C. In the case where an officer is found to be truly of the neglectful attitude, he or she shall not be denied the rights read to him or her.

Title II. Known Cause of Absence

A. Should it be found that an officer is of absent in his or her duties, it the right to not attend shall not be infringed.

B. If the absences should exceed a reasonable limit (such as one and one half months), the officer shall be stripped of his or her title.

C. Member has right to appeal to regain official position

Title III. Rights of the Accused

A. You as an officer have been found by the special investigational committee of being neglectful in your duties. You will appear before a tribunal and defend yourself and your actions. You have the following rights.

1. The right to resign before the tribunal

2. The right to appeal for a counter investigation

3. The right to a defense council of your choice

4. The right to a fair and speedy tribunal

--Section three--

I. In general, this bill will allow for the impeachment of an officer found guilty of violation of any of the first two titles of the articles of impeachment

II. Purpose – To provide a legal written document if enacted as law to provide for the impeachment of officers found in violation of the articles of impeachment

III. Policy Guidelines – On behalf of Chairman Sweet, all affairs shall be dealt by the office of the secretary and the President.

IV. Budget – None shall be necessary

V. Tribunal – Shall be conducted on either a Friday of a set date or a Saturday of a set date. The accused is allowed the right to bring a defense council. If he or she is incapable of finding one before the tribunal date, he/she shall have no right to attain one once the tribunal itself has started.

VI. Tribunal standards – Shall be conducted by the incumbent president of the Club, the vice president and one officer of their choice. Chairman Sweet shall oversee and will have the right to question the accused. Prosecution will be led by the head of the special investigational committee.

VII. Special Investigational Committee (SIC) – Shall be conducted by any member to investigate the activities of the accused officer to find any record of corruption, tardiness, incapability or poor quality of work.

VIII. Post Impeachment – Once both sides have presented their cases as well as rebuttals, the tribunal officers shall convene and deliver a final judgment for the accused.

IX. Found Guilty – Officer shall be stripped of his/her position and allowed to remain a member

X. Found Innocent – officer shall not be stripped of his or her title and the person who had presented a reasonable cause before a lead officer shall be put on probation for 3 weeks and must be the first person there and last person to leave every meeting for the three week period.

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