January 07, 2007

As of Late

Yeah, so I know I havent been writing too much lately, and I cant blame myself. Life is boring at times. It's like living out in Witchata, Kansas. Although, the just had some pretty kick ass Freezing rain.

So let's git-r-done!

Lately, Senioritis has hit me hardest in the past week. Lack of doing homework, watching youtube alot, spending too much time blogging, masturbating. Just kidding about the last one. But It's rough, you're living in constant fear that you're GPA will just drop and you'll never get ahead in life and yet, you dont do a thing about it. Ie, doing my work. I will on occasion do my english work and science work. But that's me. I live for the A. I starve for it. I fall in submission before it. Writing and naked before it. But that's me.

Big news as well, I havent finished my community service for Gov't class. Damn you! So now, i'm mostly going to end up stuck in a city council meeting throwing paper airplanes across the room. Haha! I hit the speaker in the eye! 3 points!

Also, my portfolio is due friday. But! I'm still missing alot from it. Holy sihit *that's supposed to be a bad word* and yah, I'm not too proud of the writing portions in it. The only thing i've done good on is probably the resume.

Senior Project is also drawing close. I'm not sure if I should assemble the banjo and build one in CAD or just turn in my bill. Hm... decisions decisions. I really want to do the banjo, but i'm really strapped for cash. I've been sending alot of mail to Pennsylvania. And packages dont send for cheap you know!

Well, that's all I have to say now. Goodnight everyone. I'll see you on the 8th or so

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