January 16, 2007

A second from Death

Well, this blogger almost died tonight.

If you want to hear the story, keep reading. Otherwise, keep scrolling down for the previous entries or use the handy dandy link to post bar on the side.

So tonight on Tuesday 16, 2006. I was on my way to a city-council meeting at City Hall. Problem was, I was there about an hour too early. So I decided to walk over to Sally's house and the problem was, I didn't want to wait to cross the lights at Santa Clara since I had just missed them. So I remember, there's a crosswalk on Webb and I run for it, hoping to beat the traffic incoming from Lincoln Avenue.

So I start to cross, and I notice the traffic coming from the Santa Clara side is starting off. No need, I can cross in no time. But since I'm in a hurry, I dash forward and apparently, this was the same time a Cadillac LaSalle decided to speed right before a pedestrian crosswalk.

So I start to run across the street which is pretty stupid, And I'm wearing rather dark clothes, but there's this Cadillac that comes hurtling down the street at break neck (30 or 40 mph) speeds and I realized, I'm right in it's path and i'm going to be hit by a Cadillac, a block away from my friend's house. What if I die right here at this very moment. But accordingly, there wasn't a single moment to waste thinking about that sort of stuff so as quickly as I could using my sharp reflexes, I jumped my legs forward and my body came with it a little after, but doing that, I just barely missed being hit my that dick head who drove the stupid car.

Afterwards, I was pretty shaken by the whole thing. I was still shaking there at Sally's house and it took awhile to calm down a little.

So today, lesson learned. Never cross in the dark, wearing a dark blue coat and running in front of a Caddy LaSalle. Although, this whole incident has given me an entirely new outlook on my eventual mortality and my futility of life. The fact that we could be mere bones in the ground in a matter of seconds, or an incapacitated corpse in the hospital. Also, when you get the opportunity, cross at the lights for safety. The world is filled with dick head drivers who think pedestrians are nothing more than mere inconveniences. Imagine me... a dead inconvenience...

I laugh at the mere thought of being dead.


Mel said...

I'd rather not imagine you dead. Emoticon sadness :(

Mel said...

Write a new blog, you pansy!