November 13, 2007

Just for you

I dont really know what the title really has to do with this post. For the first time, i have nothing to blog about. Ok, I lied. This is the millionth time, I've got nothing to blog about. Since the last time I wrote, I guess I can update you guys now. But at this point, I feel the whole point of my blog is to constantly update you guys wiht little petty things I've done in the black spots of time between posts. So, I'm gonna make a stop of that.

But first, an update. I've finally cleaned my room. It feels nice. i can walk barefoot and not be afraid to do so. So I strees, if you're one of my friends, please feel free to visit. Just call me first. If you dont know my number. Shame on you, you non-friend person.

So i'm gonna vent. Over the past few days, i've gotten lazy, and its obviously been showing, I haven't done any homework for awhile. I'm ashamed of myself. Lie. I have done homework. Just not certain homeworks. Yeah. That's my story. So the last few months of the entire ED1 experience is slowly beginning to wind down and at this point, i'm not quite sure if I want to be an architect. I mean, I love design, but the way I build models, I'm put in shame by other people just in my section even. I mean, my first model was nice, i did it a few days before so i had time to make plenty of corrections. Now, I dont even have money to do much work. *scoff* I have a model due in two days, I've only goten drawings done. Gaaaaah.

I discovered itunes after finally collapsing to the whims of my friends and the pressure. Maybe windows media player wasn't all that. maybe there was something even better than real player. Just maybe. I like it actually. The upload format is kidna quirky, but I can live with that.

I hate the blue screen.
I can sit here and just cry
All my work is gone

There once was a man who didn't save
And upon himself did his computer cave
Til the blue screen of death, left him bereft
That foolish college student who didn't save

I have no Idea what the purpose of the little poetic innerts was for. I just made up a word too. innerts.

Innerts (N) Pronunced (in-ehrt-ss) Am. Random inserts and blurbs which have much ado about nothing.

Life is fun sometimes. I can mold it in any way I want. I can reshape furniture, I can redesign this and i can redesign that. I'm unlimited in my boundaries and work.

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