November 13, 2007

A note on throwing things away

Living in a dormitory, I highly advise you, make sure you keep clean as much as possible. Be it vacuuming alot or just merely arranging the room in a pleasant way so that the vacuumable area is not obstructed.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I ended rearranging my room so now I have stadium seating and other than that, Where my old drawers used to be, there was a thin line of garbage. Disgusting. But its not as bad as the refuse in the laundry room floor. Lint, garbage, socks, dust, wrappers and detergent powder.

Thank you cleaning staff for not working over the weekend. The whole unit three turns into a garbage dump over the three day weekend. Which is also kinda cool.

Also, we got a notice for throwing things out of the windows. Apparently, the lower floors (i.e. 1-6) spens black takes great enjoyment of throwing things out of the windows and balconies. I saw a watermelon fall, a pineapple on the roof, A chair and even a florescent light bulb. The latter three, didn't see fall. But stuff I threw out was usually just dusty water from my cup which always fell onto the balcony. I checked first! And harmless paper airfoils. The sort of thing that would more likely be hurt by a troublesome toddler on a rampage.

Zach's new word:

Ajaust: A victorious, sure fire candidate in a jousting or sparring match.
i.e. Clemens is the ajaust in the match against Pinieleppi with an amazing record of 88-2-13 for today's joust.

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