November 23, 2007

Czach is home for the holiday

I'm home. So there's alot to do. I still need four more sporting events for the requirements
for the big game ticket I need. So what does Czach need to do? Well, he's cutting his holiday short just to return to go and help out at the Speikier Water complex for rally com events. So tomorrow and sunday will cover that. And then he also has an MSE presentation due monday as well as a cable car rally to do that day as well. God there's too much to do. What will I do? At least I'll have most of the requirements down.

So next week is the big game week. There's alot to do.

*this entry was stopped, then resumed today: November 27, 2007. Two days into BGW.

So already, I'm tired, I'm exhausted, and I've still got more work to do. It seems right now that its a never ending line of work to constantly do. In fact, right now, i'm still doing work as we speak.

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newnorth said...

Hope things slow down for ya soon!
...i'm inviting you to join cre8buzz. The email comes from them though so if you see something like that it's not spam. :)