March 08, 2007

Guide to Surviving 10 minutes into the future

Today's post: How to survive the technological changes.

So you're from 10 minutes ago. How will you ever adapt and survive in the advance world of 1o minutes later? Understandably, you'll be sniggered at when you walk by with your 10 minute older razr. You're out of date! And now, you need to get with the know how.

1. Dont bother upgrading. You'll never catch up and "be with the times" as the oldies from 10 minutes ago say. You've bought a brand new Razor phone, and you were sucked into the vortex of 10 minutes and in that time you've passed, your phone has become as viable as a rock with numbers painted on it.

2. Use desperate people's technology. Chances are, they'll be constantly be in touch with every single new innovation in the computing world. So why buy for yourself? when you can Steal!

3. Consider the Amish way of Life. It may sound bad, but yeah.. it is bad. No computers or phones. Not even buttons for your coat. Life sucks if you're Amish.

4. Avoid joining a "anti technology" cult. You'll just end up having your head shaved, your clothes burned and selling jam from the side of a freeway to go to a camp in Utah to be with the supreme one. How we can swallow this crap (jam and the cult) is nothing short of a miracle for the intelligent. Secretly, you'll still have that cell phone or wireless card sewn into your stinky dirty robes.

5. Watch out for the cybergeeks. These guys will ridicule for using old technology. Espically the ones that have become obsolete in the time it took me to write this sentence (30 sec).

Stay tuned for more.

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