March 26, 2007

Filth News

I used to be excited to read the oak leaf. But looking over it, its nothing but brain wash of the author's self interests. Who the hell thinks Me, myself and Miguel is a good title for an editorial column? Its not too interesting sounding. I never bother to read it either. The picture of him on there is also scary. Avert your eyes. Whatever isn't tabloid fodder in this publication, its more articles on the woes of not finding parking, its more boo hoo crap about how money couldnt be raised to do this or that. Cancelling the bid a date. Finally, removing the establishment of prostitution. Canceling the Freshie underclassman dance. What a jip. The point of prom was to keep underclassmen out. Obviously, we wernt thinking. Good grief, our leadership is made up of a bunch of head up asses who make as many ambitious plans to do this or that. Male prostitution, destroying the complete meaning of prom, and doing as much to suck money out of our pockets. Its virtually a contest between leadership classes to make the most money. Seniors wont support juniors and its not likely a freshie will support the senior class. Theres no common or unifying goal. To have the best damn year possible before graduating. Well, our leadership has managed to skivvy away the rest of our money hatching up schemes to make money. Damn them to hell.

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Melbert said...

I don't think I've met any underclassmen (including myself) - or upperclassmen for that matter - that thought that dance was a good idea. I wouldn't be surprised if they canceled it due to all the negative responses. And I've never been excited to read the Oak Leaf. I know a few of the girls that have columns in it... they're ditzes and cannot be trusted.