March 02, 2007

Annoyance at Myspace

So i'm one of millions of average myspace users. I got a song and such one it. Pretty much the usual stuff I suppose. Except my annoyance towards the stupid site's inability to comprehend apostrophes. Over the week, I finally turned 18 and became legal and for the first time in awhile, I decide to change my profile name to signify that. But I just recently attempted to change it to Zach and a box o' Jello. But I got some weird crap like: Zach and a box o48905740kdoe"k Jello. What is up with that.


I overheard from one of my confidants that apparently, I was fingered by her older sister. Also, somehow she blabbed that I was dating someone else in band. Which isn't new. But if you're catching on now, woosh man... woosh. But I'm even more pissed at her now. God... I'd just... algha;lkh!L I dont know. I'm incapable of enacting evil destructive plans, but I can come up with some damn good ones...

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