December 01, 2008


There sits in between me, and the day of presents twenty five days. Alot can happen in twenty five days. Hitler conquered france in about thirty, A voyage by sail took about two months one way and three the other. Reduce that to about three weeks by paddle steamer, or even one week by Steam Liner. Everything in the past sixty years have been reduced to hours. The computing time for a calculator no longer took a second, but a mere one one thousandths of a second. Even faster now with faster processors. So lets say we can do three computations every ten seconds, for twenty five days. So if we did that many computations, constantly, for twenty five days, at three per ten seconds. That's seventy two total seconds of computation. We've done 72000 computations, in 720000 increments of 10 seconds. Hold on. I'm getting my calculations mixed up. Ok, now i'm right mixed up. Anyways, back to big things. You never realize how much better we have it now. I found my old computer sitting in the garage and I thought i'd show it a little love. Instead, I found myself banging on the screen, hitting the tower just in a primitive attempt to get it to run faster. That computer is a mere 8 years old. 8 years ago, I could hardly imagine it. 8 years ago, I was just finishing up grammar school, no thoughts about secondary school quite yet. I thought once you finished sixth grade, that was it. Apparently not.

I do believe that at one point, all of us believed in that. The whole up to six, we're done. Heh, its a sad realization that there's six more years to go after that. Growing up, I recall enjoying grammar school, hating math and being embarrassed alot. One time, I "hans"-ed in class and I saw no end of it. If you wonder what Hans means, you'll know if we're on a personal basis.

Anyways, back to Christmas. The fact that the days are more palpable now, drives me bananas. Four finals coming up, two i'm right up nervous about, one i'm worried about and another I have a bit of trouble for. They say your first year is your worst year in college. But I'd have to say that this year, academically speaking, sucks worse than a hoover (I mean president!).

Its funny, as you grow older, the less you know what you want for the holiday season. It was so much easier as a kid. "What do you want?" *turns on television set* THAT AND THAT AND THAT!!! Now that i'm a bit older, its harder to choose things. Shit, I forgot I was even planning a holiday party.

Ok, things to do. Pick a damn date for holiday party, figure out when Anna's holiday party is, other things, other things, find a gift for Bri and so on and so forth.

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