December 09, 2008


I've taken a look at the past few numbers and statistics from my years here. I've been on this domain name for the past three years (2006 and rolling strong!) and this year, unfortunately has seen its lowest numbers in years. The monthly average was certainly stronger than fall of 2007, but if you could look at numbers, they certainly could tell a story.

When the numbers were its highest (31 posts in Feburary of 2007), that was my birthday my senior year of high school. But when I look back to those articles I posted, It turns out that they were nothing more than reposts from other sites at times. I believe at least five of them were reposts from craigslist. Some were smaller than others, but that's not the point. Back then, I made an effort to keep you readers aware.

I know I dont write as well, but dammit, I'm not going out this year until I have at least 50 posts. Even if I have to tweak dates or something. Which would be rather unscruplous of me. (evil grin) Well, Lets see how it plays out first. So if you notice the rather sharp spike in the past year, that's where my first year of college began. Interests varied and so on and so on.

Above is a graph compiling all the different years and each month's respective amounts of posts. The 2008 line is identified in yellow, and is lower significantly than 2007. In 2006, things were getting started so we can assume it is equivalent to a control of sorts. But notice the trend. The 2008 line follows very closely to the 2007 line. The spike in July or june happens in both. That's the month my attention is least taken away. That makes it easy for me does it not?

So judging from current trends and past trends, I may just poop out at the end of the year, or I may do an opposite thing and just have my numbers spike up instead of down. Fingers crossed for the second trend. So after this, 8 more posts and Hopefully, I can reverse the damages i've done. Plus, it will be the first time this year i've made over ten posts if I do.


bdub said...

go! go! go! zach.

somebody BLONDE! said...

Zachy you are a much better blogger than me. I've written like 20 blogs in nearly a year and a half. I remember to look at yours and then I come here and I see like 20 zillion blogs since the last time I was on. It's pretty intimidating… I miss you. We really need to do something other than have you visit my house. Like something actually fun. Hmmm…