July 27, 2008

What makes me think of you

I first got the inspiration to write this while I was brushing my teeth. You see, when I brush my teeth, I start thinking, and sometimes, I get into deep thought so I thought i'd come up with a list of things that remind me of people I know.

Ben M. - Wherever and whenever i'm in the back seat of a car wandering through the great wilderness, I can still remember the feeling of being in the back seat of your Subaru on its way up to Nevada. That sort of comfort one gets sitting in the back seat watching the driver and passenger in front. That reminds me of you.

Kevin P. - Broccoli. You'll find that cure for cancer in no time flat.

Filip N. - Lifeguarding and poles. For one, your dedication to the job is truly amazing. As a lifeguard myself, I am standing in the shadow of one of the best lifeguards I know. That means alot. The other lifeguards at work aren't exactly much to look up to.

Anna C. - Every time I look for inspiration to write, I always think of you. What superhuman powers and strengths you must create to produce works of art that come from deep within that amazing soul of yours. To spend a few moments with a miner's hat, a powerful flash light and a magnifying glass in a brain would be worth the treasure in the world. Getting to know and meet you over the past year has truly been a rewarding experience in itself. Whenever I cook, I also imagine: What would Anna Callahan do?

Anna H. - Every time I walk by the knife shop, go into the wilderness with only a roll of duct tape and a pair of scissors, I imagine I'm roughin' it with her. In the purest sense, she is more than capable of defending anything you put her in front of. So tough things in essential. The bull dog, the gun, etc. You all know it. She's the kind of person who'd rip a mountain lion in half, rip the pelt off and make it into a cape.

Mel A. - She truly epitomizes big things come in small packages. Not that i'm making any sort of jab at her, but I'm merely remarking, her big, monumentus attitude, the big changes and steps she has in mind, she really is someone who stands 19 feet tall and yet physically is nowhere near that mark. Another thing. All you can eat Buffets. No offense, but I would never be able to win at a eating contest against her.

Monica P. - The old, fashioned, hard working spirit of America makes me think of her. Whenever I see people churn butter or sew a quilt, I think of her. Why? Its the sort of thing that I would say (in my opinion) that the out and over spirit that America had exploring its country is the same thing about her. She's always one to encourage us to go out and beyond the reaches of comfort and make us realize, what we're really capable of.

Josh L. - Jews, Klezmer, Pastrami, Delis. Honestly, if I had never met this fellow Jew, I would have had to put myself in the loony bin. He's always been there for me, sometimes with a hug, sometimes with a middle finger.

Daniel C. - My former roommate, only did the few activities everyone saw. Eat, sleep, and play video games. Sometimes, he only did the last two. So whenever I see sleeping people or gamers, my mind kinda wanders over to an image of him doing those activities. Coming home to Unit 3 after a long day of classes and meetings, finding him there in front of the computer on DoTA.

Sara B. - Whenever I drive down International/E14th, I always can picture Sara. There's the guy pushing the little trolley with helado inside with the little bells and all. The gigantic store with the dead animals behind the glass, the blankets with images of tigers or the Raiders Logo imprinted on it. Basically the mexican part of Los Angeles.

Leighna B. - What comes to mind at first? The Cannon for one. But the Campanile also makes me think of her. She really did an amazing job on a gingerbread Campanile at the last christmas party I went to. I believe it was around until march or so.

Lindsay K. - Again, the Cannon. Runners, and the dedicated to the max. Every so often, you run into a person who has a hobby that isn't collecting or building with the hands. Its that hobby that keeps them fit and healthy. Like swimming or rowing. But she takes it to the max. She's taken running to the point where I would never in my life be able to catch up. Mad props for that, her dedication to the sport and her never wavering enthusiasm.

Ashley W. - Children. Whenever I see children, I think of Rally Comm's special Mommy. Energetic kids, smiling ones, happy ones, loud ones, ones that seem to flail alot. That's what make me think of her.

Nathan M. - Maps, Google maps, mapquest, yahoo maps, subway maps, urban planning in the quintessential form. I'm glad we shared the hobby and activity of building a city block by block. Even if it meant ripping out each other's work one block at a time. Although we may have gotten to each other's throats during our "Wurster Snaps", we really worked well together.

Cyrus H. - Domo kun, really random stuff, [insert really random stuff here]. Yes, we've had our moments. Bugging Sara with our fingers, doing other sorts of Schennanigans, yes, we had it all for fun.

Brian M. - LEDs. Need I say more?

Nic W. - Alcohol

Matt L. - Alcohol & Beer & Throwing Up

David L. - Whenever I see a hamster, I always can relate to David's little hamster Djokovo. And how at one point, his other hamster also gave birth to little hamsters as well.

Conor H. - Beards. Lumberjacks. Computers. Not three things you usually associate all together, but none the less, epitomized you in three words.

of course, last but not least

BriAnna W. - Everything that reminds me of you. What can I really put down? Literally, the world is convinced to constantly bombard me with thoughts of you and references to you. The Swedish lifeguard named Breeanna, moose, chocolate mousse, hair mousse, actual moose at the zoo, little stuffed moose, neo pets, stuffed animals, kids toys, hippos, sports, fair play, hockey, Canada. Sometimes, not all these things come up, but when they do, my face kinda melts and turns to thoughts of you. Every moment i've spent without you, i've never been free of reminders of you. Not that I ever want to be free. I'm glad they remind me that I have someone sweeter than cider waiting for me with outstretched arms.

So that's it. If you didn't make the list, i'm sorry D:

But those were the ones I thought of while brushing my teeth.