July 04, 2008

300: Bri

Hullo Bri!

And the rest of you readers.

I apologize for my lack of updating. I'm worse than www.mononthefly.blogspot.com nowadays. I can look back at my archives and note, the amount of posts I have made this year is equivalent to one month last year. So here goes.

For all of you who are either totally clueless, blind (no offense) or deaf, I am in a relationship with a really beautiful, smart, funny and one of a kind girl. When I'm around her, my body takes a beating. But for me, every scratch, burn and cut is well worth it. She's made her mark upon me. I swear.

Real quick. I really wanted to do this:


I know you're reading this. It may take awhile for you to notice, but we'll see. Anyways. I am up here in Clearlake, California. For some of you, that's above Calistoga. For those of you who have no idea where Calistoga is, its above Yountville. Yountville is above Napa, and so on and so on and so on. There's not much to do, I left my laptop in Berkeley. I really wished I had brought it with me, but there was no way in hell, I was going to leave it on the pool deck or in the locker room. Even if it was locked up.

Personal Messages:

Anna Harvey & Lindsay King: Have fun up in Yountville. The show that was supposed to happen here at Clearlake was cancelled. I wish I could be down there to see your show, but bleh.

Bmoun: come back soon.

My Bri: I await your return. Every day I look at the calendar I know it edges and counts down closer As of this upcoming sunday, it will be exactly one month until you return! As cheesy as that may seem, I really miss you. Every day is a day of torture, until you return. I long for your arms. My bed is small, and the best sized bed is one the same size of your arms. I love you for who you are. I cannot contain all my passions for you. Return soon, and safely.

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bdub said...

awh, i miss you too zach! just come to sweden, little kids dont need to learn to swim...

teach me instead!

thanks for the bad publicity! ive been updating like im supposed to !!! or havent you noticed?! :)