July 25, 2008

Confessions of a Child Criminal

before you get the wrong idea about the title, its a story about me I remember that kinda just had a flash back on. So here goes:

When I was younger, my family loved exploring the natural beauty of the great state of California. Every summer, we loaded up the family car for a trip. I cant remember which trip specifically it happened on, but I'm going to say it was the trip to Utah. Yes, the great salt shaker state of Utah. Our journey first brought us south to Sequoia national park, then through Las Vegas, Hoover Dam, Zion and Bryce canyons in Utah, Las Vegas and back through Redwood state forest.

But our story starts on the last night of the trip. We were staying at gosh, what was it? A radisson inn or something. Really swanky. Each floor had a large lounge with cushy couches and fancy looking furniture. Even the TV entertainment center had the mini bar built into it rather than being separate from the TV. But since the bar was in it, they had to put a special child lock on it. While dad was showering, I thought I show how I, young little 6 year old Zach was capable of getting past the child lock.

A few words about the lock. It was a little plastic tab about an 1/8th inch in thickness and it was pushed down to release the catches on the door to reveal the tv. In my defense, it was flimsy. And the print was too small to read. Even though I could just barely read. It was simple instructions ok?!

Unsure whether to push or pull, I pulled and broke off the tab. I almost shit my pants at the moment. I started to get scared. My mother even joked, even though I didn't realize it at the moment, that the police would come arrest me if I didn't stop fooling around. You're 6. The police are coming for you. Holy shit.

When I got home safe and sound in Alameda, every time I heard police sirens, I always thought they were coming for me for being a bad boy.

Now all grown up, I respect the brave men in black and blue.

On a side note, on that trip at the supermarket, I had gotten one of those magic fish you put in your palm, and it curls and tells you your emotions. Back in the day when machines still gave out cool toys and not pieces of shit made in china.

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bdub said...

already an alcoholic at six? wow. wanting to prove that you could pick the lock, good cover, but you know i know what you really mean ;)

just playing.