August 08, 2007

The Simplest Gesture

You ever had one of those days? You're moody, the sky is overcast, you have to run between two cities to drop off important documents and the only way is by public transportation. I had one of those days today. I left around 10:30 to run down to the school to pick up a trasnscript I had requested since the one I had sent out was probably sent out wrong. But today was the day I was going to make it all right again. I parked the car on Walnut, walked over to the bus stop, took BART out to Berkeley and dropped it off. I'm a free man now. I go back, and back home, I get the car and I drive by a friend's place, call him, etc. Next thing you know, I'm driving out to park street to get lunch with some old High School buddies. But parking. There's the problem. I rummaged through the pocket in my wallet. About 73 cents in change. Thats enough to get an hour. But I find parking on Santa Clara and as I pull in, the meter man is walking by, collecting all the change and I'm standing on the sidewalk and I'm fidgeting for change. I lay out the two quarters and the few nickels and pennies on the sidewalk and count out how much I need. He comes up to me and goes, "Son, let me help you out." He opens the thing, collects the change, and with a quarter, he drops it in, takes it out, and again and again until there's two hours on the machine. I'm like "Wow! Gee thanks mister." and all he said in return was, "Well, I gotta check the machines and you know, they get itchy about it if it don't work so have a good day fella." I thanked him properly and started to walk towards Park St. A big grin on my face. Its not because I got free parking, its because of the simple gesture this man put foward to me. So even this simple gesture could make anyone's day, and for me, it most certainly did. The sky cleared up, my friends appeared, the whole world just seemed to smile towards you all of a sudden.

Anyone ever remember that one VW commercial where the guy is struggling with change, and a girl pops in a quarter for him cause he drives a bug and he walks off, big smile, opens the door for an old lady, she's now smiling, it just goes on and on. The whole world just seems a better place when we're all willing to help each other out. Sure, but I hope now, that all of you wont run out to take advantage of a meter collector. So I've got this to say. Be happy, make someone happy. The world smiles with you.

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somebody BLONDE! said...

It's called "Pay It Forward". Please tell me you've seen that movie, because it's not one I'm going to make you watch.