August 23, 2007

Czachi's update since last time

So I dont even remember what happened on my last post mostly because I've been gone forever and i've had my heart broken as well. Oh the pain, oh the pangs! Oh the overacting!

I cant pin point the exact point where I left off at the moment, but I can do a damn close job. I think it happened somewhere last in the last week or so. So lets get updated.

1. I packed for the fall training program up at davis.

2. I attended FTP. Three hard days of marching and performing. I can tell you, alot of sweat, tears and some blood went into this just get into cal band.

3. I get rejected from cal band. I cried like a fuck.

4. I get over rejection and move into my dorm room.

5. Dorm life is the best. I cant believe its like this. Life is great. Apart from rejection.

6. I bought books and stuff like that.

7. Some books I need for my italian class... backordered...

8. Life beckons!


Mel said...

awww =( i'm sorry that sucks... yay for college!

somebody BLONDE! said...

hehehehe Italian. Now you can talk to Joe in his root language.