August 23, 2006

An Open Letter (two of 'em)

Dear lady on bus route 38L,

I understand that you get into the mood listening to your music. But when you start making annoying gestures, other commuters find it uncomfortable to sit around and watch you jerk your head forward and backwards. Also, the bug eyed sunglasses dont look good on you. Also, if you'd turn down the volume and let your eardrums recover, you'll notice the bus was quiet. But you had to start mumbling words off key and banging your foot on the floor. My advice, get doc martins. Those wont make any noise. And also, leave the ipod at home once in awhile...


Dear guy with sunglasses at 25th avenue bus stop

You are a moron. I saw you try to open the back door with your hands, but obviously, the buses now employ a hydraulic lock to keep people like you and other fare-evaders out. If the big signs with the *STOP* DO NOT ENTER FROM REAR DOORS tip you off, then the back of the ticket should. You will be FINED! FINED! now that money could have bought you a pair of sunglasses or some decent shoes, but you seem miffed over buck fifty. Oh and next time, have your money ready and stop wasting my time in line at the money machine.


Dear Russian woman on the 38 Ocean Beach

The man cant find 50 cents. Get over it. There's no need to take it out on him like that. Drivers are usually nice and let the person ride free. And you scolded an old man! You spent 5 minutes of my life waiting at 17th avenue. You shouted at him so long, the lights changed. Twice. You even pushed away the young man who tried to give him the bus fare. God, you are a genuine bi***. You know that don't you. And I know what you mean in your Cyrillic tounges. I said Geprobulgh..


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