August 13, 2006


I found a loop hole! I found a loop hole! I found a loop hole!

*dances and sings*

You might wonder what lil ol' me might be so happy about. I figured out a way to get my liscence. If I actually had decided to make a post at 11:40, it would have been rather depressed and emo'y about how I cant get my liscence until 18. Which I cant. But anyways... Thanks to a beautiful angel by the name of Lauren, i've developed a sure fire method on how to get my liscence in the next 8 months or so. My 17 & 1/2 birthday isint until a few days, but until then, i'm going to study the manual from top to bottom. Then on or after my 17 1/2 birthday, i'm going to take the permit test. At that age, a verification of DE/DT is not required to get the permit. So now I'll have a permit! Granted if I pass the test. So the six months until my birthday, will be devoted to learning to drive and practicing. And once my birthday rolls round, I can get my liscence straight up since it's not necessary to bog a legal Adult with the necessity of taking Driver's Ed or Training. But i'ma going to have to take training anyways. So Fingers crossed and i'll have my liscence soon!

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