August 04, 2006

Finish and Start of: Space for Nothing

So i'm going to ramble today about the needless amount of waste Americans go through each year. When it comes to either cars, housing or storage space. But i'm mostly going to bitch about the first two mostly because storage space is actually used *gasp* what a shocker!

I can remember back to about 1995 or so. But not entirely. It was a time when cars no bigger than a big screen tv dominated the scene. Cars that existed were more like the toyota camery and honda civics. These were small cars then. But look at today. Modern society has turned us into shopping machines. If you take notice, or watch cribs on MTV, you'll see one person who owns like 5 or 6 expensive large cars. Now, that's alot of cars for one person to own. But when you're made like that, sure why not? But is it economical? No. People have begun a new trend of buying more than you can afford. These people get poor work and yet, they're buying a 40,000 dollar car and adding 10000 dollars worth of wheels, stereos and whatchamacllits. Who needs a freaking TV on the side of your car? The people of this nation must learn to utilize money and space as well as the earth grows smaller and smaller each day with every person born. Out on the freeways, the majority of cars are sedans, but for every three sedans on the road is about 1 SUV. And when you pass by one of these cars, you see just one driver. Sometimes a really thin looking girl. Kinda like a latino whore or something. With the bikini strap and big ass sunglasses. But aside the point. These small persons are driving cars like the big chevys or GMCs or Cadillacs. There is no point for people to own cars like this. There is one person at Alameda High I would put on the pedastal for a moment. A rich girl who shall remain nameless. I've seen her drive a large chevy suburban down the street completly alone. She even almost ran me over once on Tybourne. Reckless driving kills people. Even her brother who crashed his 50,000 dollar car, just like that. Purchased a new one. The gangster life is just a fad. Do these people have any idea how fugging stupid they look in big ass sunglasses and wearing panty hose on their heads. No offense to any of my friends who may be one of these "characters". But I digress onto another topic. The sort of people who buy these large vehicles. Without a doubt will never need all the space. Unless one day, they end up driving around dead bodies or robbing a bank.

Onto the topic of housing. In the past 10 years, there has been a massive housing boom. Why? Because of all the wealth held by the upper percentile of the wealthy in the nation are buying second homes. Second. Let me say. Sure it's nice being able to sleep in your own sheets and bed somewhere else. But that's what a timeshare is for as well. With this new growth of wealth in a medium sized percentage of americans, they've decided to take the opportunity to excercise the wealth by purhcasing more and more of America itself and squeezing the poor into further poverty. Cause and Effect. The rich purchase more land and housing making it difficult for the poor to get by and still live in houses. Sometimes, the 2nd home is more expensive and not even lived in. In Hawaii, on the way to Kiholo bay, you had to walk past this giant yellow colored mansion. There were hammocks stretched out on trees and what not on the beach. But was the person enjoying this wealth? No! He probably wasnt even there at all. The good Hawaiian government luckily made it against the law to purchase a beach in Hawaii. But we know how shrwed some of the rich are. They extend their properties right to the edge of the beach to prevent people from reaching the beach. By purchasing the land around the beach, the persons going to the beach are forced to go around through wild scrub and not trespass at all.

So America, your land of freedom and wealth. Have your people become any better? Yes and No. Your childrenhave embraced civil rights and equality. But not the rights of everyone to access the nation's wealth of beauty and landscapes. But I digress... So americans. Make use of your money. Dont spend it on vehicles and housing. Buy a gun. Makes a great holiday gift.

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