May 13, 2006

Review of: Dracula

Bram Stoker wrote his book: Dracula, in 1897. Nearly 30 years before the movie Nosforatu and 106 years before the movie Van Helsing. The most recent movie, when watched before the book will provide much confusion in reading as the two editions dont even match up. Except for a character named VanHelsing in each. Whereas in the book, he's an old man with super religous powers and the other is an actor who also is wolverine. But by and by, i'd say it's a pretty decent book, worth the 3 dollars I paid for it. At times, the book would get very wordy and I instantly lose focus. Another poor feature is the footnotes. They're great help, apart from the fact that I have to constantly keep flipping back and forth between my reading and the notes themselves. So that's a poor feature by the wordsworth editors. Not much else I can say, apart from the fact that it's a great book and I whole heartedly reccomend it. If you dont occasionally mind the stabbind with stakes and cutting of the heads. Neuvyageeen havelen glaven!

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