May 19, 2006

Late Review: A Midsummer's Night's Dream AHS

I recently went to see Alameda's production of Midsummer's by Wm. Shakespere. It's a story of boy and girl in love. Other boy loves girl but girl doesnt love other boy. Other girl loves other boy, but other boy doesnt return love. Father of girl wants other boy to marry girl, but girl and boy run off to do it in the woods. Fairy King sees other girl and other boy chasing each other trying to have love, and fairy king instructs puck to spread stuff on their eyes to make them love each other. Acting company with juggler, mechanic, nerd, refined man and charlie are putting on a play. Charlie plays the girl. And refined guy plays the lead. His head is changed into a donkey's. I'll leave it at there. To prevent the spoilers. So what did I think of the play? I loved it. It was a very good production in a 1960s format with hippies and the period dress. I espically loved the play within a play. The Tragedy of Pyramus and Thisbe. Oh i wish I had gotten a film copy of it. Props out to charlie for playing a girl, falling off the stage and stabbing himself with a cardboard sword. He makes such a pretty lady. When he does stab himself, he stabs, then a squeaky cute "oh!" comes out. Lysander and Demitrius were played by good actors. Nick with the giant muscles and abs. Ok, it's late. Goodnight.

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