May 08, 2006


So today was the day to donate blood at school. Obviously, i'm nervous as hell, but I'm confident. So I leave 2nd period to the gym and they had me some documents to read over. AFter that, I sit in some cheapy plastic chairs and they pull me behind a partition for a screening. Name, DOB, etc. So then she rubs my middle finger with an alcohol pad, then uses some thing to cut my finger. Tests and stuff. So then it's question part. She asks me if I wanted to be alone to do them. I said no, and she kept insisting on me being alone. So then She sent me over to the other side of teh gym for prepping. So i'm sitting there, and this guy takes me to a chair and then I sit down and then he stuck the damn needle in. It was so huge. It was like the size of a point for pumping up sports balls. It hurt like hell. So for the next ten minuites, i'm just sitting there, rolling the hand ball they gave me in my hand. The blood tube vibrated occasionally and it would hurt like hell at the last moment. So i'm done, and the guy pulls the needle out and then it strikes me. Blood is really really dark. I never took it for that red. So then, i actually feel fine. Unfourtunately for the girl next to me, she aparently fainted when she left. So i'm sitting there with Pablo, (he couldnt donate again since he had donated less than 100 days earlier. We sit there talking and it's about 1/2 way through 3rd period. I eventually go to class. Luckily, no notes.

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