May 19, 2006

Great America

Review of the day. So I wake up at usual, around 6:30 AM. I eat a hearty breakfast (a slice of sourdough with spray on butter.) and arrive at the Parking gate around 7:28. I'm worried the buses have already left me behind. So i've rushed to the front to discover everyone still waiting. The spanish trip bus has already left and we're just standing there. So the AP students board the first bus and of course, we Physics P students get left behind. I'm in shorts, and it's cold as hell outside. So eventually, our bus comes. 1 hour after. And we get there, with good traffic. So we ride rides. Here's the fun part: I'm going to do a review of each ride I went on.

Carousel Columbia:

Basically, it's a merry go round on top of a worse merry go round. I spent most of the ride staring at a liquid acclerometer which barely did anything. When I did push it down, it seemed to read even higher. But the ride offers great views of the park from a certain height and angle.

3 out of 10 thumbs up


our second ride of the day was our first upside down ride of the day. Apparently, today, Nick Tag lost his "Virginity" (first upside down ride) on the vortex. The vortex is where you stand on a platform and it throws you at a magnificent height. For this one, instead of staring at a accelerometer, I was staring into the face of Ivan's ancient calculator. It seems, when you have a focus on an object, you tend to lose the feeling of where you are. Since I stupidly was staring at the thing, I didnt scream, nor did I notice how the ride was. But I could feel the outside forces.

5 out of 10 thumbs up

Rue le Dodge

A strange name for bumper cars. But means, street of dodging. Except in bumper cars, you dont really dodge other cars so much as side swipe another person and give the finger as many times as possible. This one, I was really jostled around and I couldnt help but feel malicious and rear end some fat fremont students. Not the most exciting but very fun. The cars were pretty cramped and I could barely get my leg to fit in between the steering column and the side of the car so I could operate the pedals

6 out of 10 thumbs up

Top Gun

This has absoutley have to be my most favorite ride of all time. I lost my "virginity" to this ride 2 trips ago. This time, I was much smarter to hold the calculator (Dr. Dauber's much faster one) lower and actually enjoy the ride. You sit this time and you go up a incline about 8 storeys up and begin your steep descent to end up in a loop de loop, then a cork screw over people waiting in line. Next you're brought over a man made lake and here, it felt like the greatest force ever. It really felt like I was flying through the air. That sort of feeling... like going WHOOSH over at this part. Always loved it, always will.

10 out of 10 thumbs up

Drop Zone

Here, we moved to the otherside of the park for the day. And now, we dragged Mr. Galaway with us. Matt Bar... decided he didnt want to go on this, so he took Andrew over to demon to ride alone. So we get in line. And whilst in line, aparently, the "white" group had lagged behind this fat lonely looking woman "shooed" them. And once we reach the bend in the line that would eventually split into two groups, she was talking to Mr. Galaway like there was no tomorrow. She poured out all over him. We think she even turned around to use one of those quick brush up pads from colgate to hopefully get a kiss from him. Luckily, we managed to pull him away. I had to wear the data vest on this ride and the xyz accelerometer was uncomfortable as hell. So we get on. It goes up pretty quickly, and here's the quote of the day.

"Hey nick. We're pretty high up arent we?"
"Yeah man, we're high"

I pressed two. Woosh. Scream. Yell. Yes. Yell. the magnetic braking sounded like farts. It was awesome. We took a look at the calculator and saw our results. line line line Jump to the top of the screen. Back down. line line line. We shuffled out as fast as possible to avoid crazy cat, brush her teeth in line lady.

8 out of 10 thumbs up

The Grizzly

Ah, nothing like a roller coaster built of lumber. I had to return the calculator first and then cut in line to catch up with the rest of our friends. Ah cutting. Is there anything more glorious? Yes. Pizza for dinner. But I digress. This ride is the bumpiest ride that I've been on all day. Yup, bumpier than bumper cars. The whole thing would vibrate as it rolled down. Not much to say other than My knees had a hard time fitting into the rear seats of the cars.

7 out of 10 thumbs up

The Demon

When you say you lost your virginity, we mean it's your first time on an upside down ride. How cool would it sound to say: I lost my virginity to the demon. Sure demon is a strange form of the devil to use, but it's cooler than losing it to the Centurion. What could I say? Here, I lowered my sling bag and it pressed against the key fob that was on my pants. THe thing opened up and I lost the key for the lock on my calculator pocket. I have a spare, but i'm hesitant to use it. But back to the ride. It's the smoothest ride i've been on. It rides like a cadillac. It starts off with a stinky tunnel that smelled of old rubber. Then it takes you up an incline. Down once. Looppy de loop. Another one, a tunnel, soemthing. Then another tunnel and a triple corkscrew. During the whole time, I was with Mr. Galaway and he kept laughing like: Ha Ha Ha Ha. Not really laughing, but the more... laughing in the face of dagner type laughing. My first time on the demon too. I'm still pissed about the key.

8 out of 10 thumbs up

So Now, it's time to go home. We've all collected ourselves at carousel columbia and we go home. I'm trying to do the packet on the bus, but it's waaay too loud. I managed to get some things done. I gave up. Who cares? Excellent day. I got 4 numbers from my friends. Excellent day eh?

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