June 08, 2010


Rafe laid in bed, his body, cradled by the feather mattress and the down comforter. Beside his naked head, a second head lay as well. Delicate features, slightly tan skin, and hair bun tied up. The bun bobbled back, gently smushing into his nose, stirred him, from gentle to a stark angry look. He rolled over, the only sound being of the rustling of fresh linens and a small groan as the turn took place. Like an animal, she sensed a change in the environment, her nimble body adapting and turning over to face Rafe's head, or at least the back of it. Her nose homed in and her body slid closer until the tip of her nose poked the back of his neck. His eyes stirred, brow furrowed until it clicked, the smug expression shaped itself into a smile, and he rolled over. His eyes slid open slowly to look at her sleeping face. He watched it for a moment, pensively examining all her features. Rafe leaned in and kissed her forehead. For a minute, the face manipulated itself into a smile, before it broke out into a giggle. Rafe leaned his head in, her eyes opened ever so slightly, the glassy green-blue eyes peered back at him, sparkling in the morning sunlight.
"Sam..." Rafe paused for a moment, "Hi."
Her face stretched back into a silly smile.
"Rafe?" Samantha asked.
"Hi." He laughed and wrapping his arms around her body, then his legs until they were entangled in each other.

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