June 20, 2010

Qui me Protegera

It's been a year and a half now. Yet, I still seem to sink myself, deep and onto the verge of emotions with past letters, and journal entries. I dont know why, she's still sitting there, on a little bench in my brain, dangling a foot crossed over the other leg. What difference is there, from any other relationship I've ever had? Some reasons, just cant come forward and raise their hands. Yet, past loves, some have just left just like that. I cant explain it.

It doesn't keep me up at night, I dont lose anything over it. But for any multitude of reasons, my mind wanders back to her. Beautiful, intelligent, adorable, childish, artistic, talented, encouraging, and indefatigable. I dont know if my body wishes for her, to be mine once more, or just to see her one last time. My mind knows, she is but a spirit, unchainable, and unrestrictable. Unstill and heart, open to one and all. Just not me alone anymore.

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