June 08, 2010

She was,

I cant help but recall, the pull
it guides me near, tempting me
to a nearside fate, wishing and
wanting that, which forever
shall no longer be mine.

Ev'ry quark and thing, still sounds
deep resonations with me, haunting but
charming at the same.
To no end, I list
the ways, you've done
right or wrong, and I count
I've wronged you, more than
anyone deserves.

Spinning away at my insides
I tear at my hair, cursing
the mistakes I made, wishing and hoping
that by chance, no it would
not ever be so.
The Wild North
The Simplicity of Sincere
The Sincereness of the Simple
Every loving gesture, for this
mobile idiot, who spurs
and overlooks?

You've gone and done it.
Identity Lost
Paradise Lost
Love lingers, Lost but not Gone.

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