February 15, 2009

Did I miss something?

I do believe I did miss something. Apparently, as I rode metro back to embarcadero, everyone had a pillow. I mean, every other person was holding a pillow. Little did it take me to realize that I had missed that impromptu pillowfight night in the middle of the ferry plaza again. Two years in a row. At that moment in time when I saw everyone walking out to the pillow fight, I was in no place for it. I wanted to go home.

But then again, how often do you go to a pillow fight against some random folk?

But then again, again... I did see some people getting off the bus with pillows. Where they sat, littered with empty liquor bottles, cigarette butts and sunflower seeds. The driver must have been pretty fucking afraid of those guys not to tell them stop smoking on the bus.

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