February 04, 2009


I woke this morning, a daze in my head. I sat up casually, stared off into the darkness of the clock. 8:55am. Holy shit! Thank god I had stayed at Bri's last night. I'd be in deep shit if I was at my apartment still. Quick bathroom run, pants on, shirt on, out the door. I make it to class on time with time to spare. Something doesn't feel right though. I realize it after ten minutes. I wasn't wearing underpants.

True to the nature of where I lived last year, today was going to be a commando wednesday. Not that I haven't gone commando before, but since it has been such a long while since the last time I did it, there was a certain weird feeling to it. Then again, I usually go commando in basketball shorts. There's a certain amount of legitness to going such way in comfortable shorts. Not jeans, a heavy belt and my tape measure like I was right now. Well, still am.

I contemplated the many different options on what I could do to alleviate the problem, when the call of nature heh, called right in the middle of studio section. Running out the door, into the first stall, lock the door, go. Easy right? Wrong. The toilet paper thing has been ripped out of the stall. Damn, they always did say look before you leap didn't they? Serves me right.

Wipe with other toilet seat covers. Then find a stall with the appropriate stuff.

Sorry this post was kinda PG13. But I just had to write on an interesting experience as such :)

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