February 07, 2009

'Tis a Sad Day

This morning, I walked up to studio, cheery as ever (I wish) and stopped by the post office to mail the bills in, and things of the like. But what crossed my mind was Patton Oswalt's latest album, the name of which escapes me at the moment. But anyhow, I had downloaded that file on ruckus and I had it until the 10th of February which is when the license needed to be renewed.

Last night, sitting at my little desk area, I contemplated whether or not to renew all the licenses at the same time and decided not to do so. I regret that. As I pulled out my laptop this morning to listen to that chuckles album, to my distress, Ruckus stopped working this morning. Now, I dont know how many of you use Ruckus in the first place, but that college free player has brought me numerous amounts of joy listening to jim gaffigan's albums or listening to the red army choir. Now what do I do?

No more ruckus, licenses expire soon and all files are DRM protected. Two options, let the files go or find a way to remove a DRM from an audio file. That second option is illegal I think.

Gaah. Well, I'm glad I have my regular music files to go off of, but they're at home and i'm here in studio. Oh the irony.

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