May 08, 2008

Oh the things the internet will say...

Everyone's done. Once, or twice, or daily. They've Googled themselves, or someone else, or someone of a particular interest. Not just the popular celebrities, but the common man, the guy who works at a job and doesn't appear on TV. We're that person. We google ourselves for the hell of it, to see what we'd look like, or just plain see if we even make internet recognition. Let me tell you, you wont really find me by my name, but now if you were to use my screen name or gamertag, then yes, its much more likely. If you ever urban dictionary search your name, you'll certainly get blown away by the much more interesting *ahem* definitions:

my name: Zach

so here's some favorite definitions

1. A name of a person who is often smart, cunning, dresses well and likes to have fun. A party goer that attracts many people with his intellect, jokes, and good smile.

2. Zach- N. literally translated to... the great women seducer.. in ancient the Greek language. Usually having an urge to have sex for more then 7 hours.

Ok, well those are my only favorite definitions. The rest get kinda weird and kinky, sadistic and insulting.

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