April 17, 2008


I never let it get me down before.
It was bound to happen. She came in through those doors. That wooden door with the frosted glass. She opened the door, the way it looked.

She's the reason you lose sleep at night. Not really, you're actually tired from long nights in Wurster. But then again, she does like to pop into your head.

You think about it, you consider it and you ponder it. You're too damn methodical. If you think about it too hard, you're just never going to get there man.

You know it, her friends know it. Even friends of her friends know it. But she doesn't. She just doesn't seem to notice you.

The moment you get to talk to her, you just cant entertain her. You've tried. She's gone away.

Just be natural dude. Natural. What the fuck is that? "Natural". I have no idea how to act then. Nerdy? Smothery? Handsy? God. When I have it in my brain, it gets in there. Normal goes away. Shit.

What happened last time with what's her name? Oh. Her? Yeah. I guess I let my mind get in the way. I never asked her or anything. Typical dude. Well, we're friends. I think. You think? Well, shes there sort of... Its hard to explain. You're always hard to explain.

And what about the one after that. You liked her. But I never talked to her. Oh. Yeah. Loser.

And what's her name. The cute one. I tried. No you didnt. Yeah.

And look at you now. You've got another one don't you? Another infatuation. Its infectious on you isn't it? I suppose. Well, from what i've heard, she's really nice and likes alot of things you might like. Yeah? Go for it. Ask her. nooooo. C'mon. Just try. Noooooooo. Fail... just fail.

Do I? But it might affect our friendship if she says no. That's true. Well... Looks like you're screwed my friend. Crumbs.


somebody BLONDE! said...

silly Zachary…

Anonymous said...

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